all specialized packages include a gym membership
private and semi-private, group coaching in a safe, comfortable environment.
providing high level, quality coaching
Are you exercising 
Are you training?

Way back in 2003, Dedicated Fitness provided fun, creative, progressively challenging exercise classes.  Using non-specific, functional movements our members were more active and having fun while doing so; becoming fit for life!  Our programs were creating happier, healthier more confident members of the community.  People were getting up and moving more; the means to a healthier heart, stronger bones, stress and weight management.  This non-specific activity, we call it Exercising. 

Over time, we've had the opportunity to grow, learn, evolve... now not only do we provide a fun, creative, dynamically different environment for exercising, we transform lives,  by following a more science-based direct approach to getting results; we call it Training.  Training involves specificity as opposed to general exercise which is non-specific. When you require a specific adaptation, we use our education from academic, national certifying bodies and experience to create a plan of action that will provide a specific path to your end result.

Now, not only is Dedicated still providing fun exercising opportunities, we have evolved into specializing in building training plans that provide a direct path to an end result and coach you in person or online to get there safely and effectively. 

If you really want to be successful, 
Invest in Your Goals

Don't be another Pinterest Fail... 

you know when you try to re-create the Pinterest project...but it doesn't go as planned...

If it's not your tool box, 

leave it to the professionals!

don't try to be your own trainer


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Structure, Accountability, 



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Move More

We really don't suggest joining the gym without a plan. 


If you really want to change your health, it's best to seek help from the professionals.  


We will guide you in choosing the best fit for your needs... maybe it's a small group enrollment, or some private lessons, or the virtual trainer, that you need... 

Chat with us about your intentions and we can formulate a plan of action for you!


... all too often the people who join without a plan lose sight of why they started and eventually quit.  They aren't seeing results, they are bored, or they get hurt...  PLEASE.... don't just "join the gym," and risk being part of the group that had good intentions.  I know you can be successful... 

it's not your effort, it's your method! 

Don't quit just because it gets hard... 

Fight for what you Want!