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My Story


As an inspiring coach, I like to be "real" with my clients.  I am not perfect, I do not have a perfect body, and I have to work very hard at being present in life, at being mindful, at improving, evolving, and staying focused on opportunities instead of being defeated by challenges and adversities.

Focus determines our direction, and I learned the hard way how powerful my negative thoughts were but thankfully I was given a chance to make a change and press on.  


Changing our thoughts is not easy,

finding hope, courage, and a positive outlook is a choice we should work on EVERYDAY!

Although especially difficult in the face of adversity, it's possible.   


I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a purpose for everything, an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve.


My goal is not only to encourage, motivate and inspire my clients to become the best version of themselves, in fitness, nutrition and mindset, my goal is to lead by example! 


Positive is powerful! 

Without learning to adopt a heathy “diet,” a sensible exercise plan, and changing my thoughts, actions and feelings, I’m confident I would have given up again.

You are are not defined by a “diagnosis” nor limited in what you can achieve. Your current situation doesn’t determine your future;

what you choose to do with your situation determines the future. 


I want to empower, inspire and educate you to believe in the potential within and help you work to unleash it, one opportunity at a time;

 by setting goals, creating vision, finding courage, persevering through difficulties, and finding a passion for cultivating your true happiness.  

Heart beat of TeamDF



Transforming lives, one action, one opportunity, one moment at time.

I don’t take lightly the opportunity to lead people when it comes to health and well-being.  


I strive to help others realize the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle so they may have the ultimate physical and mental health in order to accomplish what they dream.  

I aspire to help you unleash more of the potential that lies within! 


 I am confident my leadership style helps create a positive impact in your life.


The quality of your life is directly impacted by your choices... Choose to become a healthy version of Yourself!


Transformation begins here:
  • Pay attention to your thoughts, actions and feelings
  • Change your mindset
  • Be more active
  • Eat more REAL food

There was a time when I couldn’t stand the idea of waking up; from the moment my eyes opened until the time I was able to crawl back into bed, all I could think about was going back to sleep.  In order to change my mindset, I had to learn to think differently;

I started to begin and end the day in a systematic way.  Going to bed, reflecting on interactions and gratefulness, and waking up with enthusiasm to make a difference in myself and the people I would be interacting with that day.

I started to use the words “I get to,” instead of I have to. 


Naturally, I believe we all have the power to impact someone in a positive way, by choosing our attitudes.  I feel it is important to smile at other people, say hello, hold the door, acknowledge anyone present; all these things have the power to change someones day, thereby creating impact into realizing more potential in each day.  As I continue to use this strategy to help myself recognize the opportunities of each day, I am therefore helping others to have a better day as well.  I am giving them my best effort, which will effect them in a positive way too.