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3 floors and 10,000sq. ft. of space...


Main Room

This area is used for weightlifting, powerlifting, and group fitness classes.

Squat Racks
Power Racks
Olympic Bars
Free weights 
Bumper Plates
Weight Plates
Plyo Boxes


Spin Room

16 Star Trac  NXT Spin Bikes with cycle computers; power and rpm monitoring.

This area is used for our spinning classes. This area is also available to gym members while classes are not taking place.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 12.59.54

Barre Room

General Group Class room.  Also used for stretching, mediating and core.


Weight Room

This area is used for body building and general resistance training.

Full circuit of plate loaded and/or pin select machines.

King, Cybex, 

Old School Feel


Sports Conditioning Room

This area is used for our group classes, although it is also available to gym members while there are no classes going on.

Climbing Ropes  Monkey Bars
Battle Ropes       Bosu Balls
Medicine Balls    Dynamax Balls
Kettlebells           Jump Ropes
Punching Bags    Parallettes
Agility Ladders    Plyo Boxes
​Aerobic Steps      Bands


Cardio /PT room

This room is a quiet small space used for cardio.  It has a small area for stretching, and is equipped with a weightlifting bench, medicine balls, and dumbbells. 

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