Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and welcoming a bright new year!

We will be honoring the credits you purchased last year through 2021, even though they were purchased under the 1 year terms.  COVID has created waves so we are riding them!

If you would like to purchase the yearly discounted bundle packages, we will add the credits you purchase to the ones that already exist if you have any remaining!

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We want to provide the best deal for you.


If you aren’t sure what to do, please let us know! We are happy to help you! 

Email Cindy!


Purchases can be made on the Mindbody App

but if you prefer to speak with us first or pay at DF we can arrange that too! 

New Structure

Are you making the most of your DF membership?


Don't panic!

If you take a peek around the website you will see each service described in more detail! 
Everything we have been providing you is now organized in such a way that enables us to serve you best! 

When you see






, fear not!


It’s everything we have been doing, just organized in a more specific manner!

Maybe you didn’t even know we offer these options! 


It’s not by accident that Dedicated Fitness has a warm, welcoming atmosphere.  It isn’t by chance that so many people have been positively impacted in some way by me or TeamDF.  It is intentional! It is heart, passion and a mission that still stands at our core, 17 years later!  


Dedicated Fitness truly encourages, inspires, and motivates you to want more for yourself and assists you in creating a healthier version of you!

Through physical activity and healthier habits, we believe you can feel better, you can be better, your situation, your diagnosis, doesn't define you.  

We see you, we support you, we will help you unleash the potential within by coaching you into a healthier version of you one action at a time! 

We believe in the potential within you and work to help you unleash it.   

Making others feel

present, supported, and respected

will ultimately improve the world we live in, 

building a positive future. 

Everything Crosstrain has been put under the Umbrella, DF Team Training.

At our core, we provide exercise options that help people feel better! Our workouts are fun, empowering and rewarding! 

Along the way, we have grown and can offer more specialized services, so I've broken down what we offer and demonstrated how we can serve you best!