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Premium Level Services are performed by our Performance Enhancement Professionals.  

These coaches are experienced, masters of Exercise Science.  Knowledge from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, The National Strength & Conditioning Association, as well as academic studies is used to create customized programming to take you safely and effectively to the results you would like to achieve.



Great option for someone completely new to exercise, or for someone in need of Specialized Programming

Do you need a Personal Trainer?

Improve specific core strength, improve aches and pains

Individualized Athlete Strength and Conditioning Programming

Continuing after Physical Therapy

Learn Proper Form and Muscle Activation

Doctor suggested you start exercising

Not comfortable with a group, prefer to start privately


Specific Goal requiring a training plan

Accountability to get started

Customized to meet your special needs

Typically we train our clients in blocks of time, a standing appointment for 8 sessions, 2x/week.

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