Performance enhancment specialist

Coach Kerri

Master Trainer

​"I created Dedicated Fitness to heal mind & body." 

MS - Exercise Science/ Health Promotion

*National Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Strength and Conditioning Specialist

*National Academy of Sports Medicine (PES)Performance Enhancement Specialist

*International Sports Sciences Association
Fitness Nutrition


Coach Sage

Master Trainer

Sage would like to make fitness enjoyable, improve your health and elevate your mood. She wants to help people feel proud of themselves and provide an environment people look forward to coming to.

MS - Exercise Science 

*National Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Strength and Conditioning Specialist
*International Sports Sciences Association
Fitness Nutrition


Coach Angela

Olympic Lifting Coach/ Trainer

Angela wants to conduct a class that allows everyone to try their best, have individuals conquer the lifts, movements and workout with support from their friends around them.

MS - Instructional Technology 

*USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
*Crossfit Level 1 Coach
*K-12 Business Education Certification
*National Level Appearances in Weightlifting


Coach Dakota


Doctorate of Physical Therapy 

​"I chose to work at Dedicated Fitness because I wanted to be a part of the family environment. Kerri made a tremendous impact on my life, and I wanted to use what she gave me and give that to others. Kerri always had fun teaching and coaching, so it inspired me to want the same thing."

Board Certified Physical Therapist


Coach Nicki

Personal Trainer/Group Coach


Nicki would like to provide a fun, safe, judgement free and encouraging environment in which everyone can grow and progress to the best of their abilities.

*National Academy of Sports Medicine-Personal Trainer

*Spin Instructor Certification
      -Specialization in Active Older Adults
      -Principles for Effective Weight Loss
*Took the love of baking and built it into a business
*Business Owner; Nicki Cakes
​*Mother of 3 - keeps busy with all their activities

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Coach Lisa

Group Exercise Instructor

Teacher by Day

Lisa loves the warm, friendly, welcoming group class atmosphere.

 Avid fitness enthusiast. Lisa has a passion for teaching in the classroom and in the group exercise room! She provides a fun workout with modifications and creativity.