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A Coach is a

Level 1

Encourage-Empower-Effective Training

Our kids have so much fun working on building their strength, speed and agility.  We focus on proper mechanics, body position, execution; paying attention that they aren't doing it incorrectly over and over, limiting their potential and increasing the risk of injuries.

Our goal is to show kids what they really can do!  We know some very talented kids, with lots of potential often quit before they even had the opportunity to realize what they are capable of bc they felt discouraged, incapable, not good enough. 

We take the time to slow the drills or exercises down,  explain them in a way they can understand and positively coach them along the way.

We work on teaching kids to talk positively to themselves and the people around them.  

I would tell them that the program is great, the trainers and people there are very welcoming and make you feel comfortable. The workout itself helps very much and I started seeing results in my performance 3weeks after I joined

What would you tell another student interested in joining?

A Coach is a

Level 2

Encourage-Empower-Effective Training

This program is built for the junior athlete ready to get stronger.  When followed consistently, the athlete learns proper form, technique and progression to building and maximizing strength.  

We suggest commitment to the entire 4 days/week for total athlete performance enhancement, cycling through session 2, 3 and 4. 

As a coach, I get to show them how strong they are, by challenging them with physical tasks that they cannot do at first try! This is not only challenging physically but mentally too!


By coaching them through the challenge, we break it down and I support them through the process, they begin to realize they can do hard things, as they start to complete these tasks, what was once thought to be impossible, is now possible! 

This increases their self-confidence, their self-respect, their courage and curiosity!


Make the Commitment...

It's worth it!

Train in a smaller, more private setting.  Receive the attention you deserve and require.  

If you've got goals, we are ready to help you achieve.

A Coach is a

Level 3

Support - Challenge- Uplift Each Other

Becoming the best version of ourselves, includes how we help/support, encourage and inspire our teammates.  Everyone may be at a different level, but we all work toward becoming better.  

Tearing each other down is not tolerated.  

Our athletes create impact not only in their sports but in their lives and the people around them.

We work to help our athletes achieve their goal, they learn about the process of "breaking it down,"  working in phases, working through the tough times, consistency and commitment.  Through this process, they begin to believe in themselves more and more...

Realizing they are capable of doing hard things, when things get tough, they persevere. 


Interested in Enrolling Your Student?

Contact Us, we are happy to answer any questions about the programs.

Thanks for inquiring, we are looking forward to working with your child/student

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