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You are in Control of your Happiness! Regardless of where you are!


What we see depends on what we focus on...

I'd like to explain, in a bit more detail, what I mean when I use this mantra!  

It's not like turning a switch and deciding that because you say so, you are going to behave in a positive way, you are going to think in a positive way, or act in a positive manner.  Learning to change your thoughts, learning to become more positive takes hard work everyday...EVERYDAY! 

I do not see the world through rose colored glasses; I do not believe everything is perfect, nor will it be, even if I smile and pretend it is, I know it's not. The only way I can learn to view my daily life in a positive way, is by learning to look for positive in every situation.  I view everything as an opportunity! Each opportunity is a means to becoming better.  I believe that everything happens for a reason,  during difficult times I look for a lesson, a purpose.       

                                                It's been a constant battle which I fight daily.    

I know that just as talking, thinking, and believing the negative thoughts I come up with in my mind,  can and will tear me down,  I also now know that speaking positively, finding purpose in every situation,  I can be happy using positive thoughts and actions!  

What does is mean to be positive?

A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity
A positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty

🌈 It’s NOT believing everything is roses and rainbows, it’s not sitting back and staying quiet to keep the peace...

it’s recognizing the world can be a very dark place BUT... choosing to be a light. 💡


✨positive is Powerful is being able to create or see color where others see drab and dark✨

✨It’s having respect for yourself and the people around you... knowing we are all unique in our own way... being kind doesn’t make you weak...

✨it’s being empathetic, knowing everyone has a story

💫It’s recognizing we are all different, yet cheering for one another to become their best...

😁it’s smiling, holding the door, saying hello, making people feel valuable, not invisible!

👀it’s seeing from a different perspective... what you see is what you look for, find the good!

👂It’s listening to the opinions of others, recognizing there is more than one way to accomplish something, possibly learning something new!

🧠it’s training your brain to say you can, to believe you are whole, good enough, special!

💛it’s learning, becoming, evolving... one challenge at a time!

💕It’s being kind even to those undeserving (bc your gesture may impact them in a way that they also start to see from a different perspective)

☀️together we shine brighter making the community you surround yourself with that much brighter!

Literally changing my brain wave traffic by how I act/react using words and actions, one moment at a time. It’s years of paying attention to my sub-conscious mind and re-directing for a more positive effect ....

it’s possible, change your mind, change your pace!

💊And if you require medicine, TAKE IT!

See a doctor, get help! You can feel better!

So HOW did I FIND Positive?

If I asked you to take a look back into your past, how would you see yourself?   When I think about my past, I often see myself as very sad.  Although on the outside I was smiling, on the inside I was crying. So when I look back at my past, I see myself standing on the outside of the memory looking in, looking at myself, remembering how sad I was.  It saddens me to know that I went so many years never truly being present in my world, always worrying about how I was "performing" in life, worrying what other people thought of me, worrying why I felt like I never truly fit in.  Although I was very talented, I never allowed myself to accept awards or grades as achievement, rather I never felt they were truly earned, instead just given.  I actually have a huge box filled with medals, trophies, plaques, awards, and pictures all turned upside down, in my parents attic.  I didn't want them, I didn't believe they were real, or hard to obtain.  I didn't realize I made great accomplishments instead I brushed them off as if anyone could get them.  It literally made me physically sick thinking about being different, never fitting in, and telling myself that over and over again. Overtime, my mind learned to focus only on negative things, never allowing myself to be proud of who I was. The mind is so powerful, and by focusing all of my thoughts on negative and worry, that is what consumed me.  I found myself in a deep dark place, walking amongst the world, feeling like a body on the outside, while everyone else walked on the inside.  I developed a social anxiety, eating/exercise disorder, and manic depression.  


I finally realized that if my mind was powerful enough to understand negative so well, it also could find positive, by doing the opposite of everything I did prior!

The story is long, both in the prior elements to how I found negative and how I climbed out of my dark hole, so I will sum it up.  We all have stories! I am thankful for the support of my family helping me out of my hole, but in doing so, i had to be an active participant.  I finally realized that if my mind was powerful enough to understand negative so well, it also could find positive, by doing the opposite of everything I did prior! I have learned that we are all blessed with our own unique talents, and i am gifted to have something that differs from others.  I have learned to celebrate who I am, and work to becoming the best version of me, no one else! I have learned to be proud of the little things I do along the way to develop my story!  I am proud to say, that completing the BlackBear Triathlon at Beltzville was a milestone for me.  I was able to finish with a smile, which wasn't a regular thing of my past, and I was also able to say I am proud of myself.  Proud of what i did though-out the journey of training, proud of overcoming the race day hurdles, proud of myself for giving my best effort.  

They say if you don't like something, change it!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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