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The Pain Won’t Last Forever...

It’s time to stop being Weak, and start expecting more...

When we control our minds, Everything is Possible!

We repeated the phrases “the pain won’t last forever,” and “I CAN DO THIS,” over and over!

The exercise was a 5minute tempo run or jog, no matter how slow or fast, but absolutely no walking.


I’ve been noticing a trend among our youth, but not limited to them; we as adults are guilty too...

in the face of emotions: fear, frustration, anger, worry, apathy, too many of us simply quit, give-up, or walk-away claiming we can’t, don’t want to, or it’s too hard! We miss so many opportunities because we don't recognize the value of the challenge.

I say this is horse poop 💩 💩💩💩

Something needs to change and it’s starts with the power between our ears!!! Mindset!

It’s time to start believing! It’s time to start dealing with uncomfortable situations! It’s time to Level Up!!!

We need to start learning how to deal with emotions and work through them!

Within each of us are unique gifts and talents to be developed and shared with our world, but too often we settle, we compromise, we make excuses why we can’t, why it’s not possible... it’s terrible, it’s sad, it’s frustrating!!!

The world never gets to experience our true potential bc we never truly work to unleash the power from within. Instead we let fear, shame, worry, anger; real emotions control our future potential.

It’s time to learn to deal with emotions so we can have a more successful, powerful, confident community!

Instead of hiding, running away, coping with alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, shopping, whatever your vice ...

learn to work through it

and make more of yourself!

When you work through emotion, you naturally realize more of what makes you special and therefore shine brighter, feel better, want more, expect more, do more,

and you ultimately make the world a better place 😃 🌍

we have the power to do that, you have the power to LevelUp!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

In order to believe we can achieve our goals, we must build strong minds by facing our emotions, conquering what sets us back!

When things get tough, you must not quit! It’s just on the other side, finish through and level up.

It starts with one small exercise! Will you join me in learning to deal with emotions so you too can level up your life?!

If so, comment, I CAN DO THIS!

It takes action! Life is now, so when you are faced with an emotion remind yourself that you can do this.

“We must do the thing we think we cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

We finished 3 rounds of 5min tempo runs with all 26 middle school students choosing to run, never walking! Small steps toward big rewards!



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