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Inspiring Students

Promoting the Power that lies within us...

Using my charismatic personality, I love to tell stories of past and present to inspire, motivate and educate my audience to believe in the unique potential within them, and have courage to work to unleash it. 

Motivating the Workplace

Getting staff to "show" up, improving "presenteeism"

Inspiring and empowering my crowd to be optimistic, active participants in their daily lives, promotes more productive employees, community members, and relationships; improving productivity, creativity, and overall improved outcomes.

Community Outreach

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles by educating the crowd

My goal is to educate our community about the power exercise and nutrition have on our health status.  I want to help our society understand what proper "diet" and exercise is and encourage them to make it a priority in their lives so they can live a quality life.

Dedicated Fitness

Officially established in 2004

A community fitness center designed to educate, inspire and motivate our team to improve their overall health: mind & body. Intended as a personal  recreational therapy location, evolved into a community hub for all to be better than when they started!

Improve your health and feel better

Inspiring Students

Positive is Powerful Platform

  • Champion Mindset

  • Respect

  • Challenging Fear

  • Leadership


Community Outreach

Health Promotion

  • Heart Health

  • Healthy Eating

  • Physical Activity Team Building


Motivating Teachers and Administration

Positive is Powerful Platform

  • Seizing Opportunities 

  • Making a Difference

  • Power of Showing Up

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership


Dedicated Fitness

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