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I just lost 6 pounds in 6 days.. true story!

I’ve been studying nutrition science for the past 10 years or so, gradually understanding more and realizing the more you know, the more you know you don’t know!

Inspired, I continue to configure the pieces to the nutrition puzzle; determined to understand human physiology on the cellular level. Although it seems simple, weight loss should be "expend more calories than you consume," just as weight management should be “don’t eat more than you burn,” but it just doesn’t work that way!

Metabolism, how the body breaks down food and uses it, is such a complicated process.

Consider total energy expenditure; lean body mass: especially skeletal muscle mass, thermic effect of food, medicine interaction, hormone levels, stress levels, amount of sleep, tolerance, and activity levels; yes, it’s complicated! One size fits all can’t possibly work; after-all, we are all different, but... the basics is a great place for everyone to get started!

It's Complicated!


Over the years, I’ve acquired a very good understanding of basic nutrition for the otherwise unhealthy “healthy” person. I mean, I can’t help someone with specific dietary restrictions stemming from disease or medical condition, but I can coach the basics to healthy, balanced nutrition!


Mindset is an even bigger piece of the equation than the food itself. If you don't care, if you are unhappy, then you don't realize you can feel better by making a few improvements.

If you are unhappy, it is hard to find the determination and willpower to get started or believe that improvement in possible.

Improving your mindset will help you believe in the possibilities of your future health!

Although I am now a proponent of consuming all “real” food; sans fast food, fried food, chemical “fake” food, soda, and sugar filled junk food; I realize it takes time to transform a current routine to a healthier one. Lasting habits takes time to sink in, but making improvements along the way, being constant in attempting to become better, pays off in the long run. I am empathetic to the frustrations and challenges that come with attempting to improve one’s health. It isn’t always easy, but it is possible!


It takes transforming the mind, understanding food and evolving the palette over time, to form new eating habits. The good thing is, if we focus on perspective, if we continue to think about our driving force, why we are trying to eat better, and allow change to take place, it powers the transition.

In the past, I’ve found myself victim to disordered eating and exercise bulimia, all I wanted was to lose weight, feel better in my own skin. Looking back, I realize my disordered eating stemmed from lack of understanding what food is and how the body uses it for fuel.

My experience as a coach leads me to hearing many people often claiming they “eat well,” truly believing they do, but unfortunately what they think is “healthy” is not all correct!

I’ve made it my mission to understand nutrition science; it’s a constant progression of understanding, evolving, transforming and learning.

The most recent personal experiment I have done,

has me 6 pounds down in 6 days!

What? Hold on, the reason for this experiment is because over the winter, regardless of doing most things consistently, I was gaining a pound every other week or so; what gives?

It is my belief that for everything we endure there is a lesson, and if we don’t learn the lesson, we will experience the pain again until we do. So although I’ve dealt with this previously, the problem was back! My depression was at a high, energy low, rashes, sugar cravings, body aches and pains, digestive trouble and most of all constant weight gain.

What to do? Wanting to fix it, needing to fix it, unable to accept it, unable to change first I try to stay calm and remind myself to stay the course, but when things continue to spiral out of order I get all beside myself! I become all disordered; skipping meals, not eating, eating junk, not hydrating, sleeping; discouraged and frustrated! Although I’m able to focus on gratefulness, mindfulness and the “positives” it doesn’t change the fact that I’m disappointed in my physical body!

Using my knowledge, I buckled down.

A few things first, I was able to start a lower dose of medicine: seasons changing and a less stressful schedule allows for it at this time. Then, after considering many of my symptoms, I started detoxing and cleansing as if my gut bacteria was out of control, particularly Candida Albicans and eating to cleanse the Liver. Sticking to all real foods, plant based, and vitamins, herbs, water, macros and micros, the energy started soaring and the weight started melting back off. I followed the DF Fascination Map, but inserted different options for meat, grains, eggs, dairy, making sure to eat carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

I've been super disciplined to hydrate with detoxifying and cleansing waters, smoothies and salads, taking my medicine, vitamins, minerals, refrigerated probiotic and candida cleanse supplement.

My plan is to transition back slowly... if I don’t feel satisfied at any point in time, then I know what I consumed wasn’t balanced and adjust accordingly. Next week I will add back in eggs, then grass fed organic meats and some dairy. Ancient grains will be incorporated as well, sparingly. It is not my intention to eliminate any macros; any food groups, rather I eat according to how my mind and body react and keep it balanced from there!

Maybe you want to join me, lose that stubborn weight you'd like to get rid of! Remember the Fascination is all online, so wherever you are, you can join me and my team!



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