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Designed for :

ATHLETES seeking Performance Enhancement

COMMUNITY MEMBERS  seeking to improve their health 

Empowering YOUTH: building self-respect, courage, leadership

Via: Strength and Conditioning Programs

"Dedicated to helping you achieve your goals"


Provide a welcoming, community center,  to encourage, support and motivate You...               to become the best version of you. Focus on your goals, and conquer your distractions

Specialized Training Facility

Dedicated Fitness was established in 2003, by Kerri Jahelka, owner and Master Trainer.

Having a passion for outdoor recreation, athletics and a desire to master human performance,  

Kerri has been studying and implementing the "in's and out's" of performance enhancement since graduating.

 DF has a staff of nationally certified and degreed professionals to provide specialized programs for you!    

 We started in a small 15x10ft room, and we are now encompassing about 10,000square feet, 3 floors and multiple multi-use exercise rooms.

What we offer...

Our focus is on providing an experience for you to achieve your goals in a safe, friendly environment.​
We use guidelines from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as National Academy of Sports Medicine.  

We provide programs that assist in developing a stronger, more powerful athletic body so you can perform at your best, regardless of sport or recreation.

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