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Inspiring, Motivating and Educating You to Live a healthy life too!

Being Fit is for EVERY BODY!

Slow Down...

Open your mind to the possibilities of a healthier, happier version of you!

Forget what you think you know...

We  encourage, inspire, motivate and educate...




Kerri Jahelka, founded Dedicated Fitness Inc. in 2003

as a small private training studio, focusing on private and small group training.  


Dedicated Fitness is a community movement. We are now a 10,000 sq. foot specialized training facility with a warm, welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

We provide top level coaching for Every Body.

We specialize in science based, total-body health and fitness programming.

Instead of trying to solve the puzzle by finding a few puzzle pieces at a time and wondering how they fit into your plan, spinning in circles...


We provide you a structure for getting started, piece by piece, transforming your health one actionable step at a time.

Through physical activity and healthier habits, we believe you can feel better, you can be better, your situation, your diagnosis, doesn't define you.  
We see you, we support you, we will help you unleash the potential within by coaching you into a healthier version of you one action at a time! 
We believe in the potential within you and work to help you unleash it.   
Making others feel present, supported, and respected will ultimately improve the world we live in, building a positive future. 

To Lift You Up..

Our vision is one of genuine happiness; doing what we love, loving what we do, to the best of our ability.  Trusting in a higher power, we believe there is a purpose to fulfill our strengths and overcome our adversities; to persevere, evolve, and become the best version of ourselves to help make the world a better place. 

We visualize growth in understanding, empathy, health and relationships;  ultimately living peacefully within ourselves, not in constant turmoil. 

Bodies in Motion
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Recovery is Possible
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Progressive Overload
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Golden Girls
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back pain
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Speed & Agility Training
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Kids FItness
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Teen Fitness
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Team Building
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Group Classes
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"You can't have both, reasons or results...
you get to choose."


Do You Want to be Successful  or keep going in circles>

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