You can be successful

We really don't suggest joining the gym without a plan. 


If you really want to change your health, it's best to seek help from the professionals.  


We will guide you in choosing the best fit for your needs... maybe it's a small group enrollment, or some private lessons, or the virtual trainer, that you need... 

Chat with us about your intentions and we can formulate a plan of action for you!


... all too often the people who join without a plan lose sight of why they started and eventually quit.  They aren't seeing results, they are bored, or they get hurt...  PLEASE.... don't just "join the gym," and risk being part of the group that had good intentions. 


It's not your effort...
it's your Method

When you purchase a gym membership we will update your key if you have an active membership.

If you have never been a member 

or it has been while, 

we will contact you after you make your purchase on Mindbody..  

We will make a key for you to access the gym and make arrangements for you to pick it up.  

Memberships are updated on the next business day.



3 Month

6 Month

1 Year









Daily Drop-in




Under 18 or Full-time College or Trade School