SUMMER (suffer) FEST... worth it!

Commit yourself to 6 weeks for an incredible transformation within YOU!  

Generating Top Level Performers ... out of hardworking teens

Work To  Unleash The Potential Within You

Open to Grades 7 - 12

Off-Season training is intended to develop a well rounded athlete, prepared to go into their season ready to compete at their highest level. The student athletes serious about being integral players on the team, performing better and/or competing at a higher levels are putting in some serious training time outside of the skills of their sport(s). 

These days it is essential to train in the off-season to prepare the body for the intensity of competition.  To have more control of one's body, to be able to execute moves with more precision, one must have strength from the inside out.  He or she must also be able to perform over and over again without getting fatigued.  We train our athletes to improve their flexibility, balance, core strength, muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, speed, change of direction, agility and power in the off-season!  

We highly suggest commiting to both the semi-private, strength training and the group, metabolic conditioning. 


A proper off-season plan is systematic and progressive in nature; training doesn't begin the month prior to the season, it is many months in the making.  Our atheltes don't spend their season trying to get in shape, they are in great shape, confident, and ready to out-perform their competition and fine tune the skills of thier sport.

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